Customer/ user once agreed to pay by completing the payment process, shows that he/she has willingly opt to pay for the service after agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. The following points must be noted for refund and cancellation of our services:

Once the customer agrees to pay and completes the payment procedure, he/she isn’t entitled to cancel the payment or issue back the service purchased.

In case of any technical fault resulting to deduction of money from user’s account and not receiving the selected service for the same, another service worth equal amount will be provided to the user within the next 48 hours. No refund would be processed.

In case of technical fault, the Astro Match Prediction admin team will inspect the fault and hence if found, the refund of the same amount would be initiated.
Due to any circumstances of failure of conductance of match or incompletion of the match, refund for the bought service won’t be provided, instead another service worth equal amount will be provided to the user.
ASTROMATCHPREDICITON.COM is indulged in providing services in form of astrological predictions to it’s interested and registered users. Users agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE mentioned on the website before registering and purchasing our services. We don’t hold any responsibility or liability against the accuracy of the services provided. The services once purchased (‘purchased’ in this case refers to successful payment to ASTROMATCHPREDICITON.COM) cannot be returned or cancelled in any form irrespective of the correctness or accuracy of the content. We don’t compensate any of the services with refunds in any form but may provide user with further service/s for free of cost, which lies under sole discretion and authorization of ASTROMATCHPREDICTION.COM.